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How are you supporting your staff during this stressful time?

A recent survey conducted by HealthStream revealed that addressing staff issues, such as retention and burnout, has become leadership’s top organizational priority. A resilience program, built specifically for healthcare, has never been more urgent. HealthStream offers Resilience in Healthcare programs that are designed to promote mental and behavioral well-being and proper self-care during crises, resulting in a healthier and more engaged staff.

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Provide training to mitigate the impact of employee burnout due to elevated stress.

Resilience in healthcare initiatives can have far-reaching impacts for both patients and staff. Our resilience in healthcare programs address the pervasive problem of burnout and stress to help healthcare workers build and maintain resilience through self-care and mitigation efforts.

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Equip Your Staff with Resilience Training to:

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Promote self-care and mindfulness


Reduce staff burnout


Improve retention rates



Resilience in Healthcare

  • Offers contemporary resilience education with micro-learning
  • Two course offerings with applicable content for licensed or non-licensed staff
  • CE credits upon completion
  • Addresses stress due to natural disasters, pandemic crises and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Integrates seamlessly into the HealthStream platform
  • Includes a concise, confidential ‘Gauging Your Resilience to Burnout' survey that aggregates non-identifiable data
  • Control Center Data Analytics Dashboard for view of aggregated organizational results

Mental Health Ally Certification Library by Psych Hub

Psych Hub: Mental Health Ally Certification Library

  • Five micro-certification tracks (with badges) focused on critical mental health topics, including mental health foundations, substance use, effective communication, diversity and bias, and suicide and violence prevention.
  • Knowledge milestone recognition
  • Integrated with HealthStream
  • Learner-focused user experience
  • Flexible and convenient on-demand tracks
  • Exclusive access to behavioral health resource center
  • Supplemental provider and patient videos


Healthcare workers experiencing stress


Reported exhaustion, burnout


Feel they don’t have enough emotional support

Sources: Psych Hub

As a healthcare leader, are you: 

  • Concerned about your staff’s well-being?
  • Seeking ways to improve retention and turnover rates? 
  • Struggling to maintain safe patient-staff ratios due to absenteeism?
  • Looking to provide internal communication/resources where staff can get help?

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See for yourself how HealthStream’s Resilience in Healthcare programs can help empower your leaders with emotional intelligence, strengthen company culture, and improve the quality of care.