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Managing and distributing policy documentation can be a monumental responsibility

The volume and continuous maintenance required for policy and procedural documentation can feel overwhelming. Failure to meet current regulation can lead to litigation or fines, but can be avoided with the right system to manage and track these changes.
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Track, manage and distribute documentation confidently

Maintain corporate compliance and regulatory accreditation with ease. Policy Manager is specifically designed to address the workflow management difficulties found in healthcare settings, including a host of collaboration tools, complete version control, dashboards, ready to use library of policy templates, and reports to keep track of status, and easy access and distribution, including staff attestation capabilities.

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Leverage HealthStream's Policy Manager to:

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Enhance Policy Workflow & Automation

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  • Policy workflow automation and control
  • Simplified content editing, including version control, and workflow collaboration options
  • Easy-to-use dashboards, control panels and reminders to stay on track
  • Ability to run reports on the latest activity
  • Flexible authentication options while maintaining strict security and privacy of data
  • Ready to use library of policy templates


  • Increase confidence in policy and procedure accuracy
  • Reduce risk of non-compliance
  • Enhance audit readiness
  • Increase productivity and knowledge share

Client Spotlight

We did not have a policy and document management system before Policy Manager. All our policies and procedures were on paper and handled by each department. This made it very difficult to manage across the board. With the new implementation, we have all users in one place, with searchable policies. 5/5 Stars!

John H.

IT Tech Support

West Feliciana Hospital



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As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Overwhelmed with the volume of changes required to stay compliant?
  • Concerned that policy and procedure documents are not consistently shared or accessible?
  • Frustrated with the amount of time and energy needed to manage this responsibility?

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