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Despite best intentions, you can’t always identify and prevent threats from entering your workforce. But Workforce Validate can.

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Board sanction sites


Federal and state exclusion lists - including OIG sanctions and SAM exclusions


Over a million healthcare professionals validated to date

Keeping up with your growing workforce and the changing regulatory landscape is a tall order.

We get that. That’s why we built Workforce Validate. From initial onboarding to ongoing monitoring, you can be sure each member of your staff is clear to be on the floor.

How it works

Develop High-Performing Resuscitation Teams_G

You sync Workforce Validate with your employee, contractor or vendor population

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We verify and flag any concerns based on hundreds of 3rd party sources

Educate Staff on Policy_LB

You review and take action

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Intuitive dashboard

Clean UI makes it easy to identify tasks for managing validations and alerts for quantifying risk

Smart algorithms

Industry-leading data monitoring and matching algorithms help reduce re-work and spot compliance issues other solutions overlook

Pre-built reports and data

Out-of-the box reporting and easy-to-drill data make auditing and monitoring results easy

One-stop Shop for Monitoring

  • Licenses
  • OIG & SAM, State-based exclusions, sanctions, federal, and CMS
  • Patient Access: Ordering and referring providers
  • Coming Soon: HR: Certification, employee health and work history 

As a healthcare leader, do you want to:

  • Mitigate risk?
  • Protect your revenue stream?
  • Build a culture of compliance?
  • Ensure quality care?

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