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Effective opioid training is essential to reduce risks and adverse events

The United States continues to feel the staggering impact of the opioid crisis—as many as two million Americans have a prescription-related substance use disorder (SUD). By some estimates, 45 people die every day due to a prescription opioid-related overdose, four times as many as 20 years ago. Without the right education and training, your organization may have trouble appropriately responding to the opioid crisis.

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Leverage HealthStream’s Opioid Education to:


Promote better opioid prescribing practices

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Increase patient safety


Enhance care success


Initiatives and Goals Supported:

  • Identify Opioid Use Disorder and understand how it is managed
  • Understand the associated risks in pain management, especially when used for chronic pain
  • Promote leadership commitment and culture
  • Learn strategies to create and implement organizational policies


  • Advance clinical knowledge, expertise, and practice
  • Enhance patient, family, and caregiver education and engagement
  • Track, monitor, and report performance data
  • Establish an Opioid Stewardship Program

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Providers can best protect themselves by educating patients on alternatives to opioids that will not be as addictive, will not have some of the negative side effects, but will control their pain.

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Americans with Opioid Use Disorder


Opioid overdose deaths per day in 2018


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As a healthcare leader, are you…

  • Able to identify opioid use disorder?
  • Focused on reducing risk and increasing patient safety?
  • Promoting safe opioid prescribing practices?

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