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Cost Savings and Convenience with CE Unlimited

December 7, 2021
December 7, 2021

About the Customer

Columbia Memorial Hospital is an acute-care facility with 1,300 employees serving a large rural area.


With a small education department handling several aspects of employee training, coordinators needed a solution for content that was quick and efficient. Staff needed specific training in the areas of stroke and procedural sedation certification, among others.


Columbia Memorial had used HealthStream solutions for the past 12 years, so it was easy and convenient to turn to CE Unlimited, as it provided reliable, consistent content to meet existing certification needs, as well as content that could help with other education initiatives. With efficient and interactive delivery, it was extremely accessible for their busy staff, who appreciated the access to self-service, online courses.


In the first year, coordinators utilized 50 unique courses within CE Unlimited. Had the courses been developed manually, the cost would have been an estimated $18,000. By utilizing CE Unlimited, they were able to obtain an initial savings of 73.1% for those initial 50 courses. Added to this is the time saved, which was estimated to take 8 hours per course manually – now, coordinators had access to more than 2,000 prepared courses, drastically cutting the time to create or assign courses.

"CE Unlimited is the leading solution to provide education that is evidence-based and conveniently delivered. Creating this type of content in-house and delivering it in a timely fashion was not feasible – CE Unlimited accomplishes this for us and frees us up to focus on other priorities."

Arlene Walch | Education Coordinator