It’s essential to link leadership development to an organization’s bottom line. In order to understand the true ROI of a strong program, it’s crucial to measure the percentage of participants retained, promoted to leadership, pursuing higher education or licensure, and moving into leadership roles.

—Christine Buell, Avera Health

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Strengthen leadership throughout your organization.

Leadership Assessment

Develop personalized pathways for your leaders that meet them where they are in their personal and career development journeys.

  • Multi-Disciplinary Coursework offers 140+ titles across a wide range of leadership topics.
  • Curated Content addresses the needs of emerging, new, and experienced leaders.
  • Multiple Modalities meet the needs of various types of learners.
  • Interactive MicroLearning delivers key leadership concepts in Five-Minute Quick Talks and Rapid-Fire Videos.
  • Add Your Own Content with group and individual assignments, class, course, and curriculum management.

Succession Planner

Identifying tomorrow’s leaders is critical to your organization’s success and its ability to the deliver the best patient care. HealthStream Succession Planner leverages science and data to identify future leadership potential, and to develop it with greater precision.

  • Performance vs Potential plots assessment and performance results in an interactive 9-box.
  • Sort & Filter demographics by facility, tenure, region, and more.
  • Drilldown & Record to identify competency areas and capture notes on employees.
  • Leadership Competence Benchmarking evaluates leaders and creates a detailed profile to guide future development and education efforts.

Leadership Content

HealthStream delivers an unmatched ecosystem of content to help develop and refine essential leadership and professional competencies in the healthcare setting.

  • Franklin Covey teaches individuals and teams the basics of great leadership, effectiveness, and productivity.
  • Skillsoft delivers engaging learning with more than 1000 course titles and 8 core curriculums.
  • TalentTracks provides a focused leadership assessment and development pathway for self-directed learning.

Rising Nurse Leader Pathway - Identify and develop nurse leaders to address future leadership needs

Many health care organizations struggle to maintain a consistent approach to leadership competency assessment and skill development that results in preparing the existing workforce for leadership.

Rising Nurse Leader Pathway begins with an assessment of a target population of nurses, their strengths and gaps are identified, followed by a recommended learning path. From there, organizations can pull from the library of nurse leadership development facilitator guides, to offer ongoing learning to further skills and confidence in their future leaders.

  • Identify your leadership participants using HealthStream’s Rising Leader Assessment and data visualization tools
  • Includes a library of 6 customizable nurse leadership development facilitator guides
  • Reduce costs associated with nurse turnover and selection and training of replacements 
  • Next-generation data visualization tools including a 9-box planner and recommended courses
  • Designed for the full continuum of care, including acute care, post-acute care, physician offices, and pharmacies

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