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Explore Our Content Authoring & Video Tools

Design engaging learning experiences connected to measurable outcomes.

Content Authoring

Design and build engaging learning experiences with a range of easy-to-use content authoring tools:

  • Use built-in system authoring for uploading content to a single activity, or several, to make a full course complete with tests and evaluations.
  • Use pro authoring tools to write, edit, and compose layouts from templates, import media, create quizzes, capture screen images and motion assets.
  • Preview mode shows how your work will appear on all devices before you publish. When it’s good to go, publish in standard formats or directly to a course.
  • Searchable Asset Library brings your coursework to life with 22,000+ searchable assets including articles, illustrations and more than 85,000 internal hyperlinks.
  • Leverage a searchable content collection, featuring HD medical illustration and animations that you can use in your presentations and quizzes.

Basic Video Creation and Management

Increase learner engagement with faster and more effective communication. Video is reshaping every aspect of healthcare learning. Now HealthStream Video Basic and Video+ makes it easy to incorporate the power of videos into your learning materials: 

  • Upload videos and images to a powerful streaming server for editing, management, and optimized playback.
  • Browse and upload videos and images from your media storage directly to a video activity within a course.
  • Browse and download videos and images from your media storage for use inside your pro authoring tools.
  • Edit video, update and replace, allow downloads, uploads, and sharing with your co-authors.
  • Add time-based chapter titles and thumbnails for faster and non-linear video navigation.
  • Embed YouTube video links directly in your video activities or full courses. Update video descriptions and keywords.
  • Use Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) to make it easier to create, edit, and sync closed captioning.
  • View user activity analytics.

Video+ for More Capacity and Authoring Options

Upgrade from the Video Basic package to Video + to take advantage of additional storage and streaming capacity and more authoring tools: 

  • Go from 1TB of combined storage and streaming capacity offered in the Video Basic package to 5TB or Unlimited with Video+.
  • Create and edit webcam and screen capture videos for use inside your video activities or full courses.
  • Create quizzes and insert them as checkpoints in your videos to reinforce knowledge and guide engagement.  
  • View user activity analytics and quiz question analytics.

Assessment Authoring

Create tests and evaluations to record and track your learners’ comprehension, retention, and opinions:

  • Import, export, and preview assessments.
  • Build unlimited tests and test items using assessment types, such as multi-choice, multi-select, and matching.
  • Display answers with specific feedback per assessment item.
  • Set grading parameters for every test. Check a box to make them required or uncheck for optional.
  • Build To-Do lists or Checklists and link them to your tests.
  • Create end of course Evaluations. Check a box to make them a required part of course completion.

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