Retain Information_C

Consistent care


Synchronized resources

Improve Resuscitation proficiency_LB

Unified data

Intelligent patient care coordination from admission to discharge

HealthStream Enterprise Visibility gives leaders the insight to synchronize staff and physical resources throughout the patient journey and provide more efficient, effective, and safer care.

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Patient flow management optimized

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Actively coordinate the patient journey

Optimize success of the transition_Y

Improve patient safety through enterprise-wide transparency


Identify obstacles to reduce length of stay


Enterprise Visibility

Real-Time Visibility

  • A single source of information for support staff, bed coordinators, and administrators
  • Geospatial view of bed availability, incoming patients, and pending discharges
  • Visual prompts, including patient turn and fall indicators
  • Real-time data from your EMR, ADT, environmental services, and transport system

Align The Enterprise

  • Broadcast current patient activity across nursing stations and executive suites
  • Enterprise view of upstream and downstream units along with separate facilities
  • Track each patient’s activity through transitions in care
  • Identify noncompliance at the floor and clinician levels

A single source of truth

  • What if you could orchestrate throughput using real-time visualizations of patient progress?
  • HealthStream Enterprise Visibility assembles data from your existing technology investments and hands you the reins to patient flow, bed management, and your bottom line.

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Real-time visibility into the progression of patient care is the missing link your organization needs to improve patient flow, staff productivity, and care quality.