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Leverage learning data

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Identify development opportunities

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Have confidence in learning investments

Are you seeing ROI on your learning investments?

Adequately tracking, understanding and organizing training data can be can be difficult and time consuming. Without access to consolidated learning data, your time is spent away from protecting, advancing, retaining, and developing your staff. With Learning Analytics you can make empowered, strategic decisions which result in improved measurable outcomes.

Discover your ROI

Insight into education with customizable data tools

We understand time is a valuable and limited resource and the consuming task of gathering and understanding your organization’s learning data is difficult.  Learning Analytics easily tracks the use and distribution of healthcare education across your organization.

Learning Analytics

Healthcare leaders can leverage learning analytics to:

Save Time and Money_P

Provide insight into time and cost of healthcare learning

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Consolidate and organize healthcare learning data

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Use data to make strategic decisions


Learning Analytics


  • Customizable based on role, job or department
  • Mobile compatibility for easy data access
  • Integrates with third party content and HealthStream ecosystem application

Initiatives and goals supported:

  • Retention
  • Learning initiative decisions
  • Understand training ROI

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Healthcare organizations’ learning and outcome data leveraged

As a healthcare leader, are you:

  • Struggling to prove ROI of your learning initiatives?
  • Frustrated about how to properly execute and scale a learning strategy?
  • Looking for more ways to understand the effectiveness of your learning initiatives? 
  • Needing insight into learning data?
  • Feeling ill-equipped to make strategic decisions for your organization?

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