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Standardize processes

Reduce medical errors by standardizing nurse competency and skills checklists, increasing nurse confidence.

Nurses should be able to do their jobs without the fear of making a mistake that could negatively impact the patient. With Checklist, you can effortlessly deliver standardized processes and validate staff compliance and confidence.
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Healthcare leaders can leverage Checklist to:

Provide peace of mind that harmful mistakes won’t occur_LB

Provide peace of mind that harmful mistakes won’t occur

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Standardize processes and ultimately save time


Validate staff compliance to organizational policies


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Program features:

  • Assign checklists using standard HealthStream core functionality
  • Employees see their assigned checklists with all other assigned activities and events
  • Pre-screened, qualified evaluators selected and associated to each checklist
  • Evaluator guidelines optional on checklists that enhance the coaching experience between the evaluator and the employee
  • Employee view of qualified evaluators so they know which evaluators are approved to complete their checklist
  • Tracking of checklist completions via simple reports rather than tracking paper files
  • Checklist completions included on employee’s transcript
  • Checklist report displaying aggregate results for deeper analysis
  • Simple and quick implementation
  • Standardize processes, evaluate skills, and validate competencies with audit-ready documentation

Initiatives and goals supported:

    • Equipment training
    • Compliance-focused learning events
    • Professional development
    • Orientation/residency programs with new employees
    • Training of experienced staff during transitions in practice
    • New or changing organizational policy training
    • New or changing clinical and non-clinical procedure training

    Recommended for:

    • Ambulatory care
    • Blood bank
    • Central services
    • Food and nutritional services
    • Home care
    • Hospice
    • Imaging/radiology
    • Laboratory/pathology
    • Medical records
    • Mental health/psychiatric services
    • Patient care/clinical services
    • Pharmacy
    • Rehabilitation/physical/occupational therapy
    • Security
    • Surgical services

    Client Spotlight

    HealthStream’s Checklist was an immediate answer to all our needs. It was perfect, easy to use, and easy to train staff to use. We just had to copy and paste our content that we already use. It is also very customizable to individual needs.

    Janet Rotkiewicz

    Organizational Development and Training

    St. Dominic’s

    Now that we use an automated system, it is easy to collect information and populate a report. When we used a paper system, if leadership asked for information it was an ordeal to even find the information that was requested. Now it only takes a few minutes to pull a report and show them what they need.

    Nancy Warthman

    Alternate Solutions Health Network (ASHN)



    Users in the U.S.


    Emory Healthcare experienced an approximate 50% time savings for evaluation

    As a healthcare leader, are you:

    • Concerned your staff is overwhelmed with complex processes and information?
    • Worried about mistakes that can negatively impact patient outcomes?
    • Frustrated when regulatory requirements sometimes go overlooked?
    • Tired of searching through coffee-stained papers in an overly complicated binder system?

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