of 183 countries is where the US ranks in maternal mortality


of OB claims are related to lack of clinical judgment


Maternal death & injury due to inadequate monitoring

Managing clinical risks is one of healthcare’s biggest challenges

Adverse events and unmitigated risks can negatively impact every aspect of care, from patient outcomes to the confidence of clinical staff. HealthStream’s Quality products focus on this particularly difficult aspect of healthcare by providing your staff with the training and resources they need to move the needle on safe, quality care. Additionally, these tools address the unique needs of learners to decrease non-productive time by focusing on core knowledge and critical thinking, meeting best practice guidelines, utilizing current evidence-based practice, and providing a unique interactive experience.

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Compared to our previous provider of education in this area, HealthStream’s Quality OB and EC programs have been enthusiastically received by our staff and leadership. The content is more engaging, covers a variety of relevant, evidence-based topics, and is continually updated to align with the latest standards of care. Since switching to [Quality OB, Quality EC], our staff is happier and more confident in their roles.

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Aligned with evidence, quality & accreditation

HealthStream provides unique and targeted quality training solutions to help organizations comply with specialized government regulations and accrediting body requirements.

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