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Did you know that only 20% of charge nurses are provided formal training in their role?

Developing and training highly effective nurse leaders requires a proactive approach and is the logical first step for facilitating structural empowerment of charge nurses. HealthStream’s Leadership Development Program, developed by Sigma, enhances the ability of nurse leaders to manage patient flow, handle conflict, and address concerns of patients, families, and staff.
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Leadership Development Programs

  • AACN: Fundamental Skills for Nurse Managers
    This online introductory course is designed for nurses new to their leadership role and for those wanting to build their managerial skills. The program focuses on real-world scenarios that require managerial decision making. Designed with time efficiency in mind, each lesson is 30 minutes or less for completion.
  • AACN: The Preceptor Challenge
    Preceptors serve a critical role as teacher, mentor and coach to novice nurses, and this program provides standardized guidelines from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses to develop successful preceptors. A unique learning tool, the courses allow preceptors to interact with virtual preceptees in realistic care scenarios. 
  • CME Solutions: Practical Reviews
    Practical Reviews offers unlimited access to some 10,000 article summaries compiled across 500 leading medical journals. It includes audio perspectives on how to apply medical advancements to everyday practice. Plus, all CME activity is recorded within HealthStream Learning for accurate tracking and reporting. 


  • The Frontline Nurse Leader: A Charge Nurse Program
    This program, designed for charge nurses, team leaders, shift leaders, assistant managers, and house supervisors, is an effective online learning tool with eight modules, pre- and post-tests, embedded knowledge checks, and learner guides. It is a useful tool for supporting succession planning, workforce development, and effective use of departmental resources.
  • Sigma Frontline Leader Certificate Program
    An important tool for succession planning, this program enhances the ability of new nurse leaders to manage patient flow,  handle conflict, address concerns of patients, families, staff or interdepartmental colleagues, and strengthen staff performance. It includes downloadable workbooks and blended learning exercises to enhance the frontline nurse’s learning and development.

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