In many ways, COVID-19 changed the trajectory of events that were occurring pre-pandemic. Problems like the nursing shortage and burnout were exacerbated, but the adoption of new technologies like telehealth has accelerated.  The industry is still adjusting to the new normal while also looking ahead to what can be expected in 2023.

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Ten Trends for 2023: Picking Up the Pieces Post-Pandemic

Join speaker Robin Rose in exploring how major trends have shaped the healthcare landscape and what you can expect. In this webinar, Rose breaks down the 10 trends for 2023 and provides insights to help you take stock of the unprecedented changes in the past three years and find your new normal.

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Putting the pieces together

The current atmosphere of uncertainty and accelerated change is a challenge, but not an insurmountable one. Anticipating future industry trends will help you to position your staff for success. HealthStream is committed to helping you solve healthcare’s biggest problems.